The Center for Precision Engineering (CPE) was established in 2006. It is homologous with Institute of PrecisionEngineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The center is committed tothe development of precision engineering and its application in various fieldsof machinery, electronics, energy, transportation, etc. Our goal is to make thecenter become domestic first-class precision engineering institute.

Currently, CPE has 14 staffs, includingtwo professors, one professor of engineer, one associate professor and twosenior engineers. The center also has more than 10 Ph.D. and master degreecandidates. It is an interdisciplinary research group with members in mechanical,control, electronics, computer and optics.

Within several years of establishment, thecenter has made significant achievements. In 2015, CPE published 14 papers, 8patents (6 invention patents, 1 PCT patents and 2 utility model patents), andlicensed 19 patents. The center obtained longitudinal research grant 8,290,000yuan, 610,600 yuan from enterprises and patent transformation 200,500 yuan.